Take part

In this section we will be providing opportunities for people to participate, provide feedback and share information.

In the Events section, there are both details of future events you might be interested. Details of past PSE conferences can be found under Conferences in PSE UK. Download the presentations given at the 2014 PSE final conference. At this conference members of the PSE research team presented the findings of the ESRC PSE 2012 research study. The  2011 Second Peter Townsend Memorial Conference provided an international perspective on poverty measurement and the presentations given by speakers from across the world are also available to download.

In the Surveys online section, the PSE: UK 2012 attitudes to necessities survey are available to complete online.  This comes in two parts one for adult items and activities and one for child items and activities. See how your views compare to the population at large.

Testimonials provides examples of how people are using the  website and in Feedback we hope you will share your views.