Poverty tsar in attack on Prime Minister

The government’s anti-poverty ‘tsar’ has accused the Prime Minister of ignoring a study into how to break the cycle of deprivation. Frank Field MP told the Daily Mail that David Cameron has squandered two years by failing to implement any of his suggestions. He is quoted as saying:

‘I am puzzled as to why the Prime Minister would be so anxious for me to do all this work when he has yet to show that he has read it. This report was about giving the Prime Minister a flagship policy which would have taken politics into a new era. He needs to get on with it.’

In December 2010 a government-commissioned review of poverty and life chances (led by Frank Field) proposed the establishment of the ‘Foundation Years’ – a programme designed to improve the life chances of poor children by improving the quality of the early parenting that they received.

Source: Interview with Frank Field in the Daily Mail, 1 May 2012

Links: Daily Mail | Field report (2010)