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The Key Findings series are short, accessible summaries of key aspects of the PSE UK research. Drawing on the results of the 2012 surveys on attitudes to necessities and services and on living standards, they provide up to date details of the extent and depth of poverty and social exclusion today and by comparing the 2012 results with those found in the previous surveys key trends are identified. The final reports from the PSE team on the main findings on deprivation and living standards and on attitudes to necessities can be found under Reports and published papers and books under Publications.

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Northern Ireland troubles mural

Just under a half of all adults in Northern Ireland experienced either the death or injury of someone they knew personally during the Troubles. Those with such experiences are more likely to have poor physical and mental health, to be unemployed and have higher levels of deprivation. Read the latest PSE Key finding.

CIA Ardoyne empty fuel meter

Overall, levels of deprivation and financial hardship, are more extensive in Northern Ireland than in the UK as a whole and have increased since the last PSE survey in Northern Ireland in 2002/3. Read full details in Key Findings.

Housing no place to play

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What do we need to avoid being poor in the UK today? Things that help us take part in society not just the basics, like food and shelter, say the public.

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