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PSE analysis of unpublished data shows that the majority of the UK population has suffered from a fall in their living standards during the current government’s term of office. The data, which the DWP had declined to publish before the election,...

Disabled access

Rupert Harwood discusses research which he undertook between 2011 and 2013 which indicates that Government spending cuts have made it harder for disabled workers to remain in employment.

How has the experiences of poverty changed over the last thirty years. Six new videos drawing from the ITV Breadline Britain series in 1983, 1991 and 2013. Breadline Britain: the rise of mass poverty by Stewart Lansley and Joanna Mack is...

The PSE website

This  website is part of a major ESRC research project, Poverty and Social Exclusion in the UK (PSE: UK) and offers a comprehensive research and teaching tool.

As well as providing full details of the PSE UK research project itself, it includes a searchable digest of recent news stories, reports and specially commissioned articles on poverty and social exclusion in the UK, video testimonies of living in poverty and details of projects encouraging collaboration between research and community groups.

PSE Research has the first results from the two PSE UK surveys, including the first report, The Impoverishment of the UK, and short accessible summaries under Key findings. Full data from the attitudes to necessities survey is now available to investigate under Explore the data and the top level results for the living standards survey can be found under Questionnaires.

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Breadline Britain - the rise of mass poverty by Stewart Lansley and Joanna Mack. Published by Oneworld. In bookshops now. 

'Brilliant. Enlightening but disturbing' Amartya Sen