PSE UK Reports

The final reports (below) cover the main findings of the PSE UK 2012 research project. The latest reports cover 'Poverty and local services in the midst of austerity', which examines the state of public and private services and trends since 1999, and  'Poverty and social exclusion in urban and rural areas of Scotland', which finds significant poverty in every kind of location in Scotland, with the highest levels in large urban areas.

Earlier reports cover 'The impoverishment of the UK'; 'Child Poverty and Social Exclusion'; 'Life on low income in austere times'; and 'We are sitting with the big people now'. These reports provide extensive details of the high levels of deprivation across the UK and the deep personal impact that it has on people's lives.

In the left hand menu, Results Analysis of attitudes,  contains the reports of the findings of the PSE 'Attitudes to necessities and services' questionnaire and Policy Reponse papers covers the PSE team's reports on government consultations.

Published papers based on the PSE research are under Dissemination, in the menu bar above, where you will find details of the numerous journal papers based on the findings as well as details of media coverage

The findings were presented at the The PSE UK Final Conference in June 2014 and at the PSE Scotland conference in August 2014.